Mega Mobile Coop $2,995                          Mega Barn Coop $3,295

                 6Ft x 10Ft x 7Ft Tall                                     6Ft x 10Ft x 8Ft Tall


Coop Models


Mobile Chicken Coops

          Large Mobile Coop $1,695                            Large Barn Coop $1,795

​              6Ft x 8Ft x 6.5Ft Tall                                     6Ft x 8Ft x 8Ft Tall

         Medium Mobile Coop $1,395                      Medium Barn Coop $1,495

               4Ft x 8Ft x 4.5Ft Tall                                   4Ft x 8Ft x 6Ft Tall

Mobile Coops

Our mobile coops come with the following features:
- Side entry door that locks to keep chickens secure from predators
- Roosting bars and ventilation for happy, healthy chickens
- Perfect size for 4-20 chickens
- Accessible rear egg door to allow children to help gather eggs 
- Can be setup as either a mobile or stationary coop
- Move them by hand or upgrade to one of our hitch options for your ATV or garden tractor
- Mega coop comes standard with a predator screen floor, 13" wheels, and a hitch

           Small Mobile Coop $1,195                           Small Barn Coop $1,295

                3Ft x 6Ft x 3.5Ft Tall​​​                         3Ft x 6Ft x 4.5Ft Tall